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The term "Granite" is derived from the Latin word "Granum" meaning "grain" because of its granular nature. Granite is an Igneous Stone, primarily made of Quartz(35%), Feldspar(45%) & Potassium. Dimensional granite specifications include high load bearing capacity, amenability to cutting without secondary flaws, ability to yield thin and large slabs and - above all - durability. Granite is a very strong and durable stone. It takes heavy gloss polish, popularly used as architectural stone for interior and exterior walls, floors and monumental stone.
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Available in various forms viz. random slabs, polished, calibrated and beveled tiles, cut-to-size blocks and more.
Available Sizes Variety Length
(in cm)
(in cm)
(in mm)
Random Slabs 200 or above 100 or above 10mm, 20mm, 30mm or as required
(All tailor-made sizes as per requirement of buyer)
We can also supply Marbles in various other sizes and specifications to fulfill individual customer requirements. Each Marbles is unique in its character and properties and hence variation must be expected. The given sizes and thickness are an approximation only and the stone pieces may vary in color, tone, marking and texture.
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